Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adam's 8th grade graduation:

Adam was selected to receive a special award. We are so proud of him, he worked really hard. He ended up missing 7 weeks of school for all his medical, and even now has some rough days medically. Great job, honey. We love you!!

Madison's Play...

Madison tried out for a part in the Missoula Children's Theatre play at her school. She was selected to play the part of Myrtle the Turtle. She did a great job, and was not shy about it at all.
Robinson Crusoe:

Kids hanging out at the Ronald McDonald house in
Seattle. So happy to be out of the hospital!

Walking down by the Pier in Seattle, makes you love the city!

The Family down by the Pier, Seattle.

Most everything was closed, but this Arcade. The kids had fun, and it
made it bearable for Adam. He was really scared about
the Biopsy he was getting the next day.

Adam's Health turn...

Adam getting ready for renal biopsy...

Adam getting a dose of Chemo, with Jimmy close by...

Adam still getting Chemo, with Madison staying close...

Adam & Jimmy after Adam's biopsy....he had to lay flat for 12 hours afterwards, to make sure his kidney's didn't start to bleed...

Maddie & Jimmy waiting....and waiting...and waiting....

Another test for Adam....

Adam being taken for his Biopsy...

Adam getting Chemo...

Adam getting sleepy...before heading into Surgery...

Waiting on test results.....

Well...the pictures aren't really in order, but you can get glimpse of
what we did in Seattle. Mainly waited & did tests in hospital. We did get
to do a few fun things...

Some FUN stuff~

Well, after finding out that Adam was in Renal rejection, we
decided to take him to a few of his favorite places in Seattle.
One, down by the pier...the aquarium was closed the times
we could go, since he only got a few breaks from the hospital, but he loves
all the little shops and of course, the water!

Adam's other favorite place, is the ZOO. We didn't make it the first day,
but the doctors let him escape for a few hours, before starting his chemo...so we were able to have a great day checking out the animals & buying a few THANK YOU gifts for people at home who watched our dog, house & mail for us.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hey, all! I know I have been busy, so I am sure that all of you are, too. I have really been enjoying my time. After putting the oldest 2 in school, I have been staying at home...catching up on the USUAL & actually I have been able to Volunteer some more in areas that I really enjoy. Boy...it sounds like I am saying "I" alot....so I guess I better get off of that!! No, I am very thankful for ways that God is opening doors...I was planning on trying to get a part time job(15-20 hrs) to help re-build our savings account & help pay for the wonderful "MEDICAL" bills that pop up...but so far, I have only been offered a lot of places to volunteer. So, for now, I will volunteer & see where God is leading. So, I better get going, because I need to be fixing dinner...it just had been so long...so I figured I should give a little UPDATE as to the question, YES...I am still alive & we are doing good! Have a FANTASTIC DAY!!! Enjoy this AWESOME SNOW....unless you don't have any....then I will enjoy it for you!! : )

Time with the family!!

Well....my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary is right around the corner (14th)...so my siblings, our spouses & children rented a VERY LARGE cabin in Bozeman area & just had some good "Famiy Time". It was a great time & the best gift to give my parents...since all they usually want or need they can buy....so what they can't buy, but really love....is time with all of us! : )
S0...6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 levels, 29 people, TONS of food & catching up time...with a FEW pictures is a low-down on what our WONDERFUL weekend was like. SO...here are a few pictures.....showing ALL the grandkids (besides, Taya, who is in Heaven).
Names: (in order of age) Adam, Ben, Megan, Austin, Alyssa, Jordan, Madison,
Isaac, Dominic, Jimmy, (Taya), Isabelle, Mikey, Trenten, Israel & Caleb...

So...here are the 29...by Family...Dad, Mom, John, Leanne, Megan, Alyssa, Trenten, Kim, Brij, Dominic, (Taya), Mikey, Jill, Brian, Ben, Austin, Jordan, Heather, Rob, Adam, Madison, Jimmy, Cory, Julie, Caleb, Nate, Rachel, Issac, Isabelle & Israel

Thanks, guys...it was alot of fun!
Love you all!
"Happy 40th, Mom & Dad"!